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Vaccination Queuing Will Be Regulated With Earlyone

Vaccination queuing will now be regulated with the Earlyone Customer Flow Management Solution — a decisive step to minimize risk and maximize safety.  Earlyone is happy to announce its partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia on managing vaccination queues through remote queue booking.  The accumulation of queues in front of […]

Earlyone implemented its services to Veolia Jur.

Veolia’s customers now use our innovative customer flow management solution to avoid annoying queues. The opportunity of booking their queue is right in their pocket. With our mobile app, they can choose the service they need and by picking the most convenient visit-time, they generate an online ticket, which will guarantee a queue-free entry. Additionally, […]

Earlyone Webinar: Client-Service after the pandemic

On March 31st, Earlyone has successfully held a webinar, on the topic of Client-Service after the pandemic, observing the banking and telecommunication spheres. We gladly welcomed numerous speakers, who shared their experience and covered important topics. In that list we had Oksana Leonova-former Vice-President in «Открытие» bank’s product development department, Sofia Hakobyan- Director of CRM […]

New Feature Introduction

Ever wished to split into parts and stand in different lines at once? No problem! Our innovative customer flow management solutions keep improving and accelerating the process of customer service. From now on you can book a place in various departments of a single branch with just one ticket. With this amazing feature it is […]

What is a Customer Journey?

Increasing product knowledge and brand  awareness among your customers has become a top priority for today’s businesses. Tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) that focus on driving the customer most efficiently through digital inbound marketing tactics, have become an integral part of today’s business strategies of many successful companies. That said, a big chunk […]

Digital Customer Experience: Tips to Improve Services and Satisfaction

It’s no secret anymore that a positive digital customer experience boosts customer retention and loyalty. That is why many businesses concentrate on delivering the best customer experience to stay at the top of their games. Since we still don’t know exactly how long we’ll have to get by with COVID restrictions, a digital customer experience […]

What Is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of a customer’s experience interacting with your brand at all touchpoints. Have you ever wondered whether your perception of your company is the same as your customers’? Sometimes we don’t really know, or we think that we know what impression we leave on customers, but the reality […]

MAIB is the First Bank in Moldova to Enable Remote Queueing

In order to simplify customer service, make it more pleasant and efficient, Moldova Agroindbank accelerated the digitalisation processes and introduced a new way of working in the branch network. Thus, if you do not want to wait in a queue at the bank, Moldova Agroindbank offers you the opportunity to plan your visit using the […]

Book online instead of waiting in line if you are with Earlyone

A new service has appeared on the Moldovan market – you can plan your visit to the bank using an online appointment and not waste time waiting in line. We talked about the possibilities of a new system for Moldova with the head of the sales department of DAAC System Integrator, Alexander Savinov, and the […]