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Customer Service Metrics

“Good customer service” is pretty subjective. To some, it may only mean quickness, to some only niceness, while others may have even higher expectations. One thing is for sure though, whatever it is that your customers are expecting of you, their loyalty and retention will increase if you provide them with their desired customer service. […]

Overcoming Challenges of Customer Service with Earlyone

Earlyone is a unique customer flow management software which prioritizes efficiency and helps businesses in overcoming challenges of the current day fast-paced business environment. We believe that the most precious resource is time. Our mission is to make physical queues a thing of the past and inspire businesses and customers to value their time and […]

Why A Feedback Tool Is Crucial For Omnichannel Businesses

To satisfy a continually growing base of customers, companies need to speed up and implement a feasible feedback tool, keeping customer loyalty in mind. Customers have numerous channels to express their opinion about products and services on the Internet, from social media to online forums. With that said, it would be less burdensome for companies […]

Appointment System: What Is Its Greatness

An appointment system, or an appointment booking system, is a tool that allows customers to schedule, and later modify appointments. Especially in these tumultuous times, these tools offer a unique solution to businesses, as they invade different industries one by one. Banking, healthcare, and beauty salons are just some of them, but the list is […]

Queue Management Systems: A Guide

The rationale behind queue management systems seems pretty simple. In fact, it is, because the primary purpose of queue management is to make the interaction between a service and a customer easier and quicker. It may not be quite obvious at first sight, but queue management systems enable companies to increase productivity, customer loyalty, and […]

Customer Experience in the Time of COVID-19

How customer behavior changed, from queueing to alertness? It seems like COVID-19 reshaped our perception of entire queueing and communication systems in a short period of time. Companies started taking everything to the virtual world but were faced with an intriguing question: Will customer experience deteriorate because of it? Of course, it was also a […]

Conversational Banking: Is a Virtual Queue the Future of Banking?

Since Covid-19 kicked all of our doors at the beginning of 2020, businesses immediately started to come up with plans and procedures to transfer their operations online, which also involves a virtual queue management system. Let’s face it: nothing saps our energy more than standing in endless queues for literally a 5-minute conversation at a […]

Customer Flow: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience in Banking

Managing your customer experience from the very beginning of the journey till the very end, be that onboarding, resolution of an issue, regulating customer flow, or any type of concern, presents itself as a recurring cycle of hustle. If correctly and virtuously set up early on, banks will have significant and measurable revenue growth and […]

Challenges of Retail Banks

With the banking industry landscape growing ever so competitive, our modern world has witnessed a radical shift in many of its business models. Numerous retail banks are undergoing alterations to appease the standards of their clientele, which evolve at an overwhelming speed. The rise of Fin-Techs (non-banking startups) has significantly changed the landscape. Disruptive technologies […]

How Technology Will Shape the Future in Customer Service

For the past couple of decades, we have come to witness the astounding evolution of customer service. Forty years ago, for example, if customers had any problem with a product or a service, they had to face the hassle of solving the issue face to face with a manager or make a phone call during […]