Customer Experience

Customer Experience in the Time of COVID-19

How customer behavior changed, from queueing to alertness?

It seems like COVID-19 reshaped our perception of entire queueing and communication systems in a short period of time. Companies started taking everything to the virtual world but were faced with an intriguing question: Will customer experience deteriorate because of it? Of course, it was also a shocker for the customers to adapt to this new reality but we can find a positive way out of everything, can’t we?

The perks of this new virtual reality are more numerous than one can imagine. First and foremost, it was indeed quite frustrating when people were queueing to receive customer care. Now they can take advantage of virtual queueing and use their time more efficiently. Or instead of taking their time to visit the office locations they can easily connect to a live chat and get it over with. In any case, businesses need to rearrange everything so smoothly to deliver a similar customer experience as pre-COVID times. Here are some things they should focus on.

Customer Experience: Responsiveness

It’s not easy to put oneself in the shoes of a customer care representative. We need to understand that these people (if they are not robots) live in the same time and dimension as we do, and they cannot handle the problems of a thousand people at the same time. But with modern technologies and up-to-date queueing systems, there is a way to act as superheroes in terms of responsiveness. With the establishment of clear and smart pathways for queueing up customers, customer care representatives will be able to prioritize the most urgent ones. It’s also very important to constantly keep a customer informed about its queueing status and how fast it’s going. The last thing in the world we need is a customer feeling cheated on.

Real-time Customer Feedback

Companies should never underestimate the value that feedback mechanisms can provide for improving customer experience. To come up with the best decisions, companies need to collect and analyze feedback from as many customers as possible. Clear communication is key to understanding the primary needs of the customers. How do they like the queueing systems? How much time does each customer spend on queueing? What suggestions would they give to improve the whole process? Answers to these questions should be taken very seriously. Action needs to be taken immediately. In this fast-changing environment, every single detail needs to be taken into account. As we mentioned earlier, online queueing is already making our lives easier. Imagine what we can come up with if we carefully study customer feedback and identify their priorities.

Health Awareness

We still have no idea when COVID-19 is planning to migrate to another planet. For the time being, there are some procedures that still require customers to visit office locations and that is why raising health awareness is still crucial at this point. Online queueing provides the customers with an opportunity to interact with other people very minimally. Download the application of Earlyone and reserve a certain time slot to visit a bank or somewhere else. When the time comes, put on a mask, go there, keep social distance, and do what you have to do in a safe environment. It’s the responsibility of all of us, including both the employees and the customers, to now put COVID-19 in a queuing system to leave this planet as soon as possible.