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Digital Customer Experience: Tips to Improve Services and Satisfaction

It’s no secret anymore that a positive digital customer experience boosts customer retention and loyalty. That is why many businesses concentrate on delivering the best customer experience to stay at the top of their games. Since we still don’t know exactly how long we’ll have to get by with COVID restrictions, a digital customer experience is the only viable type we can focus on. 

Customer expectations in the digital world may vary from those of the real world. Different generations may have different preferences. Older people may find it harder to text with a customer service agent, while younger customers would much sooner type than talk on the phone. In any case, the goal and the objective is one: satisfy all customers by providing a seamless customer experience. Here are some tips and tricks on how to push your customer experience using digital technologies. 

Introduce a Live Chat Option

Live chat is the secret weapon most companies unleash to impress with an overwhelming digital customer experience. Customers need their queries solved as soon as possible. Quickness in response is what any customer desires to experience while contacting your customer service team. Live chat provides the customers with an opportunity to be taken care of right on the spot. 

Of course, providing an excellent customer experience doesn’t come for free. Investing in a live chat tool requires extra money and labor, so before introducing one, you should carefully measure your customer flow and understand if you have enough customers in the first place. Risking your financials for the sake of a better digital customer experience may not always be the best decision. 

Use Video Chat Solutions

As we already mentioned earlier, not all people would be comfortable with texting a customer service representative. Customers value whenever they have a choice. Sometimes, some issues cannot be resolved through live chat and since we’re currently avoiding face-to-face communication, a video chat with a customer service agent can be the quick fix to ensure a smooth digital customer experience. Banks have already started using video conferencing as a substitute for face-to-face communication. Other industries can easily follow up if they identify the need for an extremely personalized customer experience among their customers. 

Implement an Omni-channel Digital Customer Experience

We have encouraged businesses to use omnichannel strategies countless times. An omnichannel digital customer experience allows your customers to have a unified experience while interacting with your brand through all possible channels. Keeping the original goal in mind, an omnichannel strategy ensures a smooth transition between different channels and devices, resulting in a hassle-free digital customer experience.  It helps you to guide your customer through the entire customer journey, find drawbacks along the way, and take action to correct them. With everything under a single roof, an omni-channel platform directly affects team productivity, which in its place affects the customer experience. 

Start Moving Towards AI

Live chat and video conferences are cool, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be taking over the world sooner or later (and we don’t mean in a zombie apocalypse way). Many companies are currently using AI bots, which send automatic reply messages to customers and usually have the problems solved with just a couple of clicks. These chatbots send instant replies 24/7. They deprive your customer service team of repetitive technical tasks and guarantee an extra smooth digital customer experience. 

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that AI is not here to take our jobs away, rather than make them much easier. Thus, we cannot leave everything to bots and rely on them completely. At the end of the day, a little human touch will be the missing puzzle piece to a fully seamless customer experience.