Earlyone Veolia Jur

Earlyone implemented its services to Veolia Jur.

Veolia’s customers now use our innovative customer flow management solution to avoid annoying queues. The opportunity of booking their queue is right in their pocket. With our mobile app, they can choose the service they need and by picking the most convenient visit-time, they generate an online ticket, which will guarantee a queue-free entry. Additionally, they get the generated tickets from the terminals in the branch corridors that automatically pick the nearest possible serving time.

After implementing our customer flow management system, Veolia team points out the significant decrease in the numbers of complaints concerning customer gatherings and their wasted time. Nonetheless, they mention the more efficient and customer-oriented approach of their employees and the safe office conditions that meet the new client-service standards during the pandemic.

Earlyone’s team aims to a queue nullification and customer-experience improvement in the companies we serve.