At the beginning of the year, MAIB, the largest bank in Moldova, implemented the Earlyone Customer Flow Management solution. We talked about the advantages and benefits of the solution with the first vice president of MAIB bank Alena Stratan. 


Ms. Stratan, where did you hear about Earlyone solutions?


After making the decision to introduce an electronic queue system in MAIB branches, internal and external markets were analyzed to find such available solutions. A tender was announced, in which several companies took part, including Earlyone. Earlyone  solution turned out to be exactly what we needed.


What changed after the introduction of Earlyone?


For the bank, the changes have only been positive. Now we can monitor the branches online and quickly respond to emerging problems.


Earlyone Customer Flow Management Solution is not just an ordinary electronic queuing system that issues tickets to people waiting; it also includes customer service statistics, tracking of ongoing processes, and suggestions on how to improve them.


The most important changes are those that improve customer experience. From the point of view of our clients, it allows convenience and acceleration of the customer service process. With Earlyone mobile application, customers have the opportunity to pre-book their visit to the bank, which allows them not to waste time waiting in queues.


How do you rate the effectiveness of Earlyone?


Working with the Earlyone team is a positive experience for us. First of all, the team has extensive experience in implementing flow management systems, and most of the processes do not require additional adjustments.


Secondly, all requests of the bank are considered, discussed, and effective ways of introducing new opportunities are proposed. Thirdly, the speed of response to the bank’s requests allows us to improve the service in the shortest possible time.


What metrics have you managed to improve? How did the implementation of the system affect the quality of service and customer waiting time?


Customer service metrics improved, namely, waiting time, service time, and the number of transactions. Now we can rely not only on qualitative but also on quantitative metrics.


With the help of the Earlyone analytical solution, we can quickly identify emerging situations, such as the workload of the branch or lack of personnel, and promptly resolve them. When reviewing the statistics on a daily basis, the bank’s management sees progress, develops methods for improving current operations, and identifies bottlenecks in the shortest time possible.


The flexible logic of setting up the system allows us to provide maximum convenience to clients; namely, it helps them to get in the correct line based on the type of service, eliminates the need to stand in the queue twice if the client initially doesn’t know which employee to approach.


At the end of the conversation, Ms. Stratan noted that thanks to the cooperation with Earlyone, MAIB improves customer experience every single day.