Earlyone solution at «EcoSense» medical laboratory

“EcoSense” diagnostic laboratory was founded in 2009, with the goal to conduct laboratory tests in accordance with international standards of quality and to use the achievements of modern innovative technologies in laboratory diagnosis.

“EcoSense” is one of the leaders in the field of laboratory diagnosis in Armenia with 7 branches across the country.

The laboratory has implemented Earlyone customer flow management solution to optimize its processes and provide the excellent customer experience starting from the waiting room.

The installation of the terminal in the medical center has eased the serving process of patients. Now, patients can choose the required service and get served quickly. There are a few buttons on the terminal’s interface, representing different service options, such as “Do a laboratory test”, “Receive the results”, etc.

Each service has a set of normatives, for example, “Receive the results” service lasts around 2-3 minutes to complete. By setting normatives and tracking through the system, the center can control the serving capacity of each branch.

If patients want to visit a specific doctor, they can pre-book their appointment.

“EcoSense” has also joined the Earlyone mobile application. Visitors can book their place in the queue with the app, and get served at their chosen time. This way the patients can skip waiting in lines and save time. 

The solution has eased our work. Our staff is now able to serve patients more quickly and easily. As a result customer satisfaction level has risen.