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Overcoming Challenges of Customer Service with Earlyone

Earlyone is a unique customer flow management software which prioritizes efficiency and helps businesses in overcoming challenges of the current day fast-paced business environment. We believe that the most precious resource is time. Our mission is to make physical queues a thing of the past and inspire businesses and customers to value their time and other resources even more.

If you have a business in an industry that suggests constant customer flows, then you must be thinking about how to systemize your customer them and save everyone’s time and energy. Here at Earlyone, we help companies in overcoming challenges posed by old-fashioned customer management practices. As technologies change and evolve, they provide solutions to eliminating bottlenecks hindering smooth business operations. With that being said, here are three main challenges, where Earlyone jumps to the rescue, when the going gets tough.

Appointment Solution

Physical queues are already becoming a part of history books. Earlyone’s Appointment Solution is a one-of-a-kind tool that makes appointment scheduling easy and smooth. Overcoming challenges in queue management is crucial for achieving strong customer relationships. With this tool, customers can do everything, from self-booking to canceling their appointment, using a single mobile application.

Appointment Solution also enables companies to manage staff availability and resource availability, making both available for customer booking transparently. For example, a customer goes online to book an appointment at a certain time. If the customer needs to book an appointment only with a person, then available time slots are given. If he needs to book an appointment that requires special equipment usage together with a (a sonogram machine for example), he will be be given certain time slots when a specialist (a person) and the equipment (a resource) are free to assist him. The customer then, chooses the best time that suits his schedule and confirms the appointment with just one click (also available on mobile devices). He is later on guided through the whole customer experience journey with the help of Earlyone’s application. The agent, on the other hand, now knows exactly when a certain customer is supposed to arrive, thus can plan his time accordingly and avoid idle time.

Overcoming Challenges with Feedback Tool

Constant evaluation of actions is fundamental for improvement, especially in customer care. Yet, it does take a lot of input to conduct surveys, gather information, and later on analyze. But when we say overcoming challenges we really mean overcoming challenges. Earlyone’s Feedback Tool is our nest solution that is aimed at strengthening communication between customers and businesses and goes hand in hand with two of our other solutions.

Our Feedback Tool allows distributing surveys by multiple channels for collecting and storing responses from customers. The surveys are accessible through a QR code, which is hardware-independent, easily set up, and overall simple to use. The tool also enables automated NPS & CSAT surveys. NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a measure of long-term happiness or customer loyalty. CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) measures the level of standards that meet customer expectations and is a more short-term evaluation. It’s up to the company to identify which survey method they need at a given time, yet both generate valuable information for bonding with customers and increasing customer loyalty.

Customer Flow Management 

Going back to the most valuable resource – time, our next tool – Customer Flow Management, assists in overcoming challenges in time management during higher customer volume flows. We are trying to minimize the amount of time that a customer spends in a queue and take this waiting time into virtual reality. Moreover, using our mobile application, the customer has the opportunity to choose the time recommended by the system (predicted by a unique algorithm) to come to the service location and not wait at all. Transparent flow with no bottlenecks is exactly what every business needs and Earlyone makes businesses readily equipped to face customer flows with maximum efficiency.

Customer Flow Management tool uses a special algorithm that forecasts the customer flow at a certain point in time. Based on generated data, an anticipated customer flow helps employees manage their time accordingly to meet the forthcoming demand. With much better time management the staff is capable of being more productive and give the best customer service expected of them.