Earlyone: New Generation of Queue Management Systems in Moldova

The most common solution to excess of customer flows at service locations in all countries is the electronic queue management systems. Earlyone is a new generation of such systems, since it doesn’t just manage customer flows, but it redistributes them as a result allowing customers to save significant amounts of time.

This is made more available to B2C customers with our mobile application. The uniqueness of our mobile application lies in the fact that the client is served exactly at their booked time. Our unique AI forecasts the time when the client needs to arrive at the service location in order NOT to wait in lines at all.

queue management systems

Customer Flow Management:

A holistic approach to improving your customer experience journey continuously through management of customer flows, monitoring & control of employees as well as service quality.

Feedback Tool:

An independent, omnichannel and ultrafast communication tool with your customers. Designed to work perfectly with Customer Flow Management Appointment and Healthcare  Solutions.

feedback tool

Earlyone Mobile App

Mobile Application: 

Free tool with a unique AI to estimate the best time to be at a service location, bringing customer waiting times down to 0.

This is beneficial both for clients as well as businesses that aim to provide quality service and, as a result, retain the client loyalty. Classic win-win solution.

Of course, there were queue management systems in Moldova before we entered the market in 2019, but before the implementation of Earlyone at Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB), there was no pre-registration system on the market from a mobile application. We are actually the first.

Throughout our partnership with DAAC Systems Integrator, we have been able to sign more business and are currently holding 2 banks and 2 telecom companies.

Here is an interview with the Head of Sales Department of DAAC Systems Alexander Savinov, and the CEO of Earlyone Gevorg Safaryan.

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