Vaccination Queuing Will Be Regulated With Earlyone

Vaccination queuing will now be regulated with the Earlyone Customer Flow Management Solution — a decisive step to minimize risk and maximize safety. 

Earlyone is happy to announce its partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia on managing vaccination queues through remote queue booking. 

The accumulation of queues in front of polyclinics and medical centers was posing a risk to the safety of the patients. In order to reduce the number of patients waiting to a minimum and avoid queue violations, Earlyone Customer Flow Management System has been implemented starting July 17. 

With the help of the Earlyone mobile app, users can remotely schedule a vaccination appointment at their preferred time. The service is available to foreign citizens, resident-card holders, and Armenian citizens (the latter will have priority in queue scheduling). 

Booking a vaccination queue ticket through the app is easy: Users only need to pick their preferred location and time to create mobile tickets. By checking-in their virtual tickets at the mobile vaccination unit, citizens can get vaccinated without waiting in line. 

The positive changes after the implementation of the queue management system are apparent. As Lusine Hovhannisyan, a representative of the Ministry of Health of the RA, mentions, “The queues are now more organized. Those waiting can see their ticket number on the monitor and thus avoid queues and arguments.” 

Earlyone marches forward with its mission of improving customer service across many fields andcompanies.


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