Earlyone Webinar

Earlyone Webinar: Client-Service after the pandemic

On March 31st, Earlyone has successfully held a webinar, on the topic of Client-Service after the pandemic, observing the banking and telecommunication spheres.

We gladly welcomed numerous speakers, who shared their experience and covered important topics. In that list we had Oksana Leonova-former Vice-President in «Открытие» bank’s product development department, Sofia Hakobyan- Director of CRM department in “Ameria” bank, Grigor Davtyan- Director of digital banking department in “Ameria” bank and many more.

They discussed digital adaptation processes of banking services, the impact of the pandemic on the customer service quality and the benefits of implementing customer flow management and staff monitoring systems in the businesses.

To find out more, please visit our website.

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