Customer Feedback & Valuation Solution.

Collect customer impressions. Create new experiences.

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Instant Valuation - Easy with QR code

Zero touch solution, fit ideally for the pandemic and postpandemic situation. Route customer instantly to evaluation process through their own device via scanning a QR code at the desk. Now more feedback. Easier, faster, safer.

Feedback tools

In-app Earlyone Mobile Feedback

Ask your customer for feedback through Earlyone mobile app, once they get served.

On-site Table Feedback

Receive feedback from your customer right at the desk, after serving process.


Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the likelihood a customer will recommend your product or service. Calculated on a scale of 100 to 100, NPS enables you to spot where your company stands and how your customer experience is performing.

How it works

Select the feedback tools of your preference

Upload the questionnarie

Launch your campaign

Reporting Dashboard

Get detailed reports on your customer feedback that is packed conveniently to spot trends and figure out your customers want & needs

Pathway to higher customer satisfaction

Make feedback collection a valuable experience with Earlyone. Adjust to precise needs with detailed analytics and flatter your customers with customizable entertaining valuation

We live, WE learn, WE improve

Make your business even a better match with Earlyone Feedback Solution


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