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Manage customer facing activities with forefront branch operating efficiency.

Time for digital transformation

Banking agencies are in primary need of balanced optimization where physical branches are yet to offer digitalized services. A smooth customer journey is now possible with mobile queueing. Make data-driven decisions thanks to Earlyone business intelligence tools to boost branch efficiency up to a whole new level. One solution - Earlyone.

Accord convenient customer journey

Remote Queueing (Pre-Arrival)
  • Customers select a requested service in a mobile app
  • Depending on branch occupancy and service the algorithm suggests best time slot available
  • Digital ticket is issued on mobile app
  • Mobile app notifications for upcoming appointment
Check-in and service (On-site)
  • When at the branch customers check in via terminal or scanning QR code alternatively
  • Customers are called within shorter waiting times with a pre-registered ticket
  • Redirection to multiple desks with the same ticket, thus eliminating any confusion and extra waiting in line
Feedback and FAQ (post-visit)
  • Customers can rate the service or provide feedback right in the app/alternatively on a tablet at the branch
  • Customers can get more information on services, open hours, special offers in the mobile app

Operate efficiently using multi-level solution

Smart queuing
  • No crowded service desks
  • Earlyone algorithms enabled to prioritize service/request and control ticket issuing
  • VIP services integrated
  • Shorter waiting times with remote queueing
Web dashboard and staff monitoring
  • Easy to use by personnel
  • Monitor staff activity in real time
  • Multiple options such as forwarding, ticket issueing
  • Shorter waiting times with remote queueing
Business Intelligence Tools & Metrics
  • Retrieve reports weekly, monthly, or at any point in time. Generated on your selected criteria in seconds.
  • Use customer flow metrics for responsive managerial decision-making
  • Customized & unified analytics panel across branches for senior management

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Benefits of customer flow management system

  • Time in the queue reduced by approx. 60%
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Operational costs reduced by 10%
  • Staff efficiency monitoring
  • Digital infromation desks
  • Managerial decisions backed up by metrics
  • More personalized approach to customers
  • Automated prioritized queueing
  • Vast and prompt digital feedback

Turnkey customized solution

Earlyone is a fully web-based solution working with 99% of hardware offered at the market. Our free consultation service helps you understand your needs better. You get fully customized software in one click.

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