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Upgrade to virtual queuing, reach new business goals. Offer more with the most efficient queue management system.

Time for digital transformation

Telecom businesses are part of the most fast-paced industry out there. With brand new products and packages coming out daily, the traffic in service centers tends to rise progressively. Mostly dealing with non-physical goods, and thriving to keep things edgy, there is a need for virtual queueng and going digital. Woosh, we’ve got a solution.

Think about all the amazing things you can have

Stay open digitally

Whenever your customers decide to visit a branch or learn about your services they can do so at any time (be it day or night) in a mobile app. Planning a visit is easy with digital queuing. Planning a branch occupancy is a management privilege.

Manage in real-time

Free your staff from excessive overwhelming - with organized flow and web dashboard they can easily foresee the upcoming traffic and know in advance which issues are being addressed. More informed, more empowered staff to welcome happier customers.

Get to know your customers better

Use numerous feedback and evaluation options offered by Earlyone integrated in the mobile app or at the counter. Integrate feedback in managerial decisions powered by immediate detailed reporting.

Offer more in extended space

We support your creative approach to customer satisfaction - integrate your special offers and announce new products in the mobile app and at the counter (tablet). While waiting in line or getting a service time is always an opportunity. Implement value.

Monitor employee efficiency

Business intelligence tools in web dashboard allow managers to track staff activiity in real time. Promt response lead to more efficiency. Earlyone clients have doubled their branch efficiency.

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Benefits of Queue Management System

Less crowded branches, safer and more convenient space

Higher branch efficiency, less costs and smart resource allocation

Increased customer satisfaction

More metrics and analytics to power management decisions

Multiple integrated commercial tools

Digital feedback and evaluation

Your new upgraded telecom branch

Physical branches powered by digital force. Organize plan and offer more.


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