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A new service has appeared on the Moldovan market – you can plan your visit to the bank using an online appointment and not waste time waiting in line. We talked about the possibilities of a new system for Moldova with the head of the sales department of DAAC System Integrator, Alexander Savinov, and the founder and director of Earlyone, Gevorg Safaryan.

Alexander, Earlyone -queue management system- is already on the Moldovan market and, last but not least, thanks to you. How did you find out about Earlyone? Why did you decide that there is a demand for such systems in Moldova?

A.S. – We learned about the Earlyone system at a business forum that took place in Armenia. I liked Gevorg’s presentation very much, I was hooked on the idea that with the help of a single mobile platform it is possible to get rid of waiting in a queue. Then we agreed on the possibility of cooperation. And the pandemic has increased attention to the problem of queues and accelerated all processes. More and more organizations are either introducing or planning to implement an electronic queue system. DAAC System Integrator has chosen the most innovative, in our opinion, and, at the same time, the easiest system in terms of implementation – Earlyone.

Gevorg, what attracted you in Moldovan market and how did you come to an idea of your product implementation in that market?

G.S. – Our mission is to leave queues in the past, and that’s why we created the Earlyone mobile application, with which customers can book a place in the queue so that they don’t waste time on waiting. For such an application to make sense and work efficiently, it is necessary to provide service from many organisations. And since it is very difficult to start cooperating with large companies in large markets, we decided to start working with small markets comparable to Armenia. Therefore, for us, the target markets are Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. I would like to note that one of the main reasons for our cooperation with Moldova was the acquaintance with an excellent partner, DAAC System Integrator. They also got the idea to bring this innovative solution to the Moldovan market and help their customers to improve the quality of service.

Did you have such systems in Moldova?

A.S. – Of course, there were queue management systems in Moldova before, but before the implementation of Earlyone in Moldova Agroindbank, there was no pre-registration system on the market from a mobile application. This is actually the first system.

G. S. -The most common solution in all countries is the electronic queuing system. Earlyone is a new generation of such systems. We do not just manage customer flows, we redistribute them so that customers do not waste their time. The uniqueness of our mobile application lies in the fact that the client is served exactly at the time he has booked. The system gives a forecast of exactly when the client needs to come, for not even waiting a minute. These benefits both the client and the organization that provides quality service and, as a result, retains the client’s loyalty. Classic win-win solution.

Alexander, what problems does the Earlyone system solve? What can it give a business and an ordinary user? How easy to use is it for clients?

A.S.-For the average user, it solves the problem of waiting in queues by pre-booking through a mobile application. That is, a person signs up in advance for a certain hour and does not waste time waiting in line. This ability to manage the time of service delivery is the most important, in my opinion. In addition, the system itself and the application are very user-friendly and easy to use. I myself use this application, exactly as a user. You download the application, choose the branch you need and the convenient time. Then you come, you drive the ticket number into the terminal and the system lets you out of turn. In fact, a few clicks and no waiting in line and the negative emotions associated with it.
For business, the Earlyone system solves the problem of improving the quality of customer service, since the speed of it is one of the most important factors in good service. The second important advantage from a business point of view is the correct distribution of the flow of customers, especially for organizations where there is no “single window” principle, that is, when the service is provided, for example, by several specialists in turn. And the third opportunity for business is monitoring the effectiveness of personnel, understanding how quickly and efficiently the services are provided and comply with the existing standards of the company.

Gevorg, what features are available in Earlyone solutions? How does the system work?

G.S. – The Earlyone system is provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) format, which is one of the cloud solution forms. Customers do not need special installations in their organization. The system consists of several components. First, it is a central system, that allows you to manage customer flows. The second component is a mobile application with which the client chooses a company, branch, service and convenient time. The third component is a toolkit for monitoring processes in the department, staff work. With the help of pre-set KPIs and a tool such as Business Intelligence, you can assess the quality of the work of a department, employees, and identify weaknesses. The flow control system itself is an extremely flexible system that allows you to set priorities for clients, redirect from one specialist or department to another, etc. The fourth component is service quality assessment system, which allows you to organize customer surveys and, based on these data, use the Business Intelligence tool to assess the performance of the department and the level of customer satisfaction within provided system.
When I talk about the flexibility of the system, I mean that it can be customized based on the needs of the client. We set the KPIs that they provide to us, we integrate our system with their systems, with their CRM, for example, we provide them with an API for installing our solutions into their mobile banking system.
In addition to the above mentioned, the application also has such a tool as “appointment”, that is, you can book an appointment with a doctor, hairdresser, car mechanic, etc. Different products provide solutions for large, medium and small businesses, at different price points. Each of the products is a palette of functions, which depends on how many departments the company has, whether it is necessary to monitor the work of employees, monthly reports, etc.

Do I understand correctly that the system is personalized according to the principle of a Lego constructor?

G. S. – Indeed, it is possible to collect exactly those functions that the client needs.

Alexander, are banks, usually the first, to introduce such innovations? What do you think? Why?

A.S. – Banks compete with each other in the innovation market. In the provision of services they create modern mobile applications, optimize all processes, spend money on modern and good-looking branches, but all this fades at the moment when a client comes to the bank and stands in line for about 30 minutes … Earlyone solves this problem and creates the neccessary quality of service in a segment where there were simply no solutions before. Moldova Agroindbank, which was the first to implement this system, is the largest bank in Moldova in terms of both assets and the number of clients. This is one of the most innovative banks, constantly introducing modern solutions, they have one of the best Internet banking systems in Moldova, the latest network of ATMs and terminals, and the bank always strives to improve the quality of customer service. We are glad that as a result of the tender they chose us as their partners for the implementation of such a project. The ease of operation of the Earlyone system and the simplicity of its implementation was an advantage that played in our favor. And, of course, the presence of a platform and a mobile application that the client can use immediately without integrating their own applications, tipped the scales in our favor too.

Gevorg, Earlyone was founded in 2016. How did the business develop, what results did you manage to achieve?

G. S. – We started working in 2016 in Armenia and now 13 out of 17 Armenian banks use our solutions. Among our clients in Armenia are two large telecommunication companies, government agencies, medical centers. Earlyone’s application is the most popular in the Armenian market. We have more than 100 thousand mobile users. Over the years, we also managed to establish our solutions in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Moldova, and now the process of establishing our system in Ethiopia is underway. We are negotiating with partners in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In Belarus, we have five client banks and one government agency. There are 3 banks and one state institution in Kyrgyzstan, Agroindbank and a telecommunication company Orange in Moldova.

What prospects do you assess of Earlyone system in Moldovan market?

A.S. – I am confident of success and I will tell you why. We have not yet completed the installation of all terminals under the current contract, but immediately after the news that such a service appeared in Moldova Agroindbank, representatives of several banks contacted us with questions about the operation of the system and a desire to try the trial version. I think financial organizations will be our main clients, in addition, we hope to see government structures in the list of our clients in the near future, but since the platform is one, healthcare organizations and, most likely, any organizations providing services to the population will gradually connect to this system. Moreover, we intend to add functionality. If now the system provides the opportunity to book the time of visiting the institution, then soon it will be possible to book the time of visiting a certain specialist, for example, your personal manager.

G. S. – I would like to add that we have a wonderful partner who is a pleasure to work with. For DAAC System Integrator, Earlyone is among the priorities this year, they are energetically promoting our solution to the market, and we understand that we can achieve great success together.

Thanks for the interview

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