Smart appointment scheduling and customer flow management for healthcare

Maximize convenience for your patients and doctors with an all-in-one solution

Facilitate your processes with Earlyone

Opt-in for a more distributed patient flow with appointment scheduling. Reduce walk-ins, while integrating when necessary. Mobile app with convenient interface and dashboard for the reception. Automated organized patient flow. Maximum efficiency.

Perfectly synced appointment scheduling across all instances in one platform

Optimize the serving process at your healthcare facility

Prioritize by emergency or type

Set parameters for prioritizing who you serve first - e.g make sure patients with the most urgent needs get served first.

Integrate walk-ins

No booked appointment? Not a problem - with Earlyone you employees can add walk-in patients to the waiting list and find the first currently available slot for them.

Utilize all your resources

Make smart use of your equipment so it is barely idle. The system will take into consideration the availability of equipment and employees’ time.

Get detailed analytics

Learn more about your operations and how both administrative and expert staff is working. See your entire patient journey with advanced analytics. Accommodate new patterns to achieve better results.

Multiple services - one ticket

Add up essentially to the smoothest customer journey - enable clients to get one ticket for all the services they require. The system will walk them through all their needs faster and more reliably. No extra waiting, no inconvenience.

Improve patient satisfaction and reduce doctor overload

We care about your patient's safety and satisfaction just as you do. That’s why we empower our clients with cutting-edge technology for safer space, virtual queuing, and smart scheduling providing a futuristic environment for healthcare providers.

  • Reduce waiting lines
  • Approach customers on a new level
  • Make the most out of your open hours

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Use top-knotch queue management system with features and services that will help you most.

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